Do you have coins laying around that you are unsure of how much they are worth? Or you aren't even sure if they are worth anything? We want to see them! Whether they are rare or common, coins hold a lot of value. Our experts will be sure to give you the highest payout possible for your coins. Bring 'em in!
Coins either made of gold silver platinum or numismatic can pack a lot of value. They’re always worth their weight in gold—and if collectible, they can be worth much, much more. A Gold Napoleon Franc with a rare mint date can be worth more than double its melt value for the right buyer.
We take a different approach to buying. Instead of weighing your coins and dumping them into the melting pot, we determine their collectible value first. Whether you’ve got a one-ounce new release Buffalo coin, or a 19th century Ottoman coin one-tenth the size, we’ll do the research, find the best price, and make you a heftier offer. We are always happy to buy graded coins from
The Professional Coin Grading Service
Independent Coin Graders (ICG)