Gift cards are the most requested holiday gift for 10 years running. Last year more than 60% of people surveyed said they wanted a gift card this holiday season and sometimes you receive gift cards to retailers you just wont shop at, or you may receive items to a place that you do not prefer and once exchanged you get a gift card back to that retailer in return.

With Over $970 million in gift card cash went unused in 2015 alone. Meanwhile, total gift card spending in 2015 clocked in at $130 billion, up 6% from the year before. Despite the billions of dollars that go unused, it’s estimated that gift card sales will make another 9% jump this year, so instead of just letting your gift cards go unused sell then to us for cash.

No need to keep your unwanted gift cards in a drawer collecting dust when we can offer immediate cash back. We buy almost ALL major retailers. No reason to get less for your gift card at check cashing stores, pawn shops and those kiosks when we offer a larger cash return.